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Permit for Victoria Street Collective

In exciting news, Echelon Planning recently obtained a planning permit for the Victoria Street Collective - a deliberative development project in Brunswick West. This was a great outcome, with the application receiving unanimous Councillor support and no VCAT process.

Deliberative development provides an alternative way to fund, design and deliver housing which is specifically designed for the future resident, not an investor market. The project is a citizen-led housing development to deliver housing that has a strong focus on environmental sustainability and community.

The project will create 10 high environmental performance homes (on average 8.3 star NatHER rated) all facing onto a large central communal open space. The central garden will have a communal outdoor dining area and productive garden.

Echelon worked closely with the Collective, Moreland City Council, Zen Architects and Property Collectives to get this really innovative project off the ground. Echelon has been an advocate for the deliberative development model having been involved with a number of research projects on the topic.

The project stands as an example of how deliberative development can be achieved today in Melbourne.


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