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What we do 

Echelon Planning works across the private and public sectors, providing considered and practical advice. We work with clients from the scoping and due diligence phases through to the implementation of projects through to the rezoning and permit stages.

Our core services are outlined below.

We guide the development of strategic plans for state and local governments as well as private developers to produce well planned developments through to strategic plans at a municipal scale.


We provide advice to state and local governments ranging from preparing new policy frameworks through to undertaking research on strategic issues.

We assist clients to prepare and obtain planning approvals. This includes establishing the planning strategy and approach, preparing development applications and planning reports, engagement and co-ordination of specialist project consultants and ongoing negotiation with government authorities and stakeholders. We work across infill, greenfields and regional areas.


We prepare submissions and expert evidence to present at Planning Panels.  

How we work

We bring government and business together.  

With backgrounds in both government and the private sector, we understand both government policy and what drives property development.

We know how to cut through issues and get results.

Our experience is that, with the right focus and energy, issues can often be resolved with simple, clear solutions.

We take a hands-on approach.  

We will be across the day-to-day details. Where appropriate, we can also scale up and specialise to bring the best possible expert support.

We are clear communicators, good listeners, and we treat people with respect. 

Simple things, but they are important to us.

We understand the ‘big picture’ as well as the detail.  

We know how to translate policies, information and knowledge to make projects better.

Where we work

Our clients include state and local governments, property developers, and private landowners across urban renewal, greenfield and regional settings. 

Our project locations are shown below. 

230713 State Echelon Project_edited.jpg
230713 Metro Echelon Project_edited.jpg
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