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New Initiative - North and West Melbourne City Plan

The North and West Melbourne City Deal Plan was launched this morning. The growth plan seeks to respond to the impacts of the pandemic as well as put in place infrastructure to support growth over the long term.

This is the first time in decades that the north and west metropolitan regions have come together to agree on a joint plan. One in three Victorians live in the region today, and it is forecast to grow to over 3 million people by 2040.

The plan covers 13 local government areas, and identifies 8 priority precinct, 16 transformative projects and around 50 enabling projects across the reading.

The plan includes a mix of existing project proposals and new priorities for the region.

Our firm works extensively across Melbourne’s north and west, and we wholeheartedly support the plan as a solid basis for supporting growth and helping the region recover from Covid19. We look forward to seeing its progress as a City Deal between the Commonwealth, State and local governments.

Read a copy of the plan at


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