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Melton Town Centre Revitalisation Plan

The Melton High Street Town Centre Structure Plan was prepared by Melton City Council in 2007. Since then, the role of the town centre has evolved significantly. This is due to a range of factors including the development of new retail centres in the surrounding established and growth areas of Melton, as well as the changing role of retail more broadly. Echelon Planning along with UrbanFold and a team of technical consultants have been engaged by Melton City Council to prepare the Melton Town Centre Revitilisation Plan to respond to these changes. The Revitalisation Plan will set a strategy with a range of interventions to boost the economic performance and place destination role of the Town Centre. This will address matters such as the improvements to High Street, existing and preferred land use, community facilities and the public domain improvements, access and movement networks, and preferred built form outcomes. The Revitilisation Plan is not just a regular Structure Plan - it is a Structure Plan that will be focused on the place and built projects. The plan will deliver a clear blueprint for tangible change for the Town Centre and seek to address some of the challenges facing the area more broadly.


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