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Caulfield Major Activity Centre Structure Plan

Planning for a transit oriented development in inner Melbourne

The Caulfield Major Activity Centre is earmarked to become a significant precinct for transport, education, commerce, housing, retail and community uses. Echelon Planning has developed a structure plan for the Caulfield Major Activity Centre to help achieve this vision.

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The Caulfield Structure Plan has been adopted by Glen Eira City Council as the blueprint for the growth and development of the Caulfield Major Activity Centre. With significant attractors such as Monash University, the Caulfield Racecourse and Caulfield Station (which is primed to become a major transport hub), it is a culturally rich and interesting place. However, the centre has struggled to support and foster growing resident and student populations given the lack of accessible public spaces, poor connectivity and limited night-time activity.

Glen Eira City Council, through the preparation of the Structure Plan, is seeking to establish a framework for the centre which supports public and private investment, generates new employment opportunities, and creates a great place to live in a higher density environment.

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Echelon led the preparation of the Structure Plan alongside UrbanFold, with valued input from Charter Keck Cramer, Hornsby & Co. and Martyn Group. Glen Eira City Council undertook public consultation on the Structure Plan during 2022 and achieved the milestone of Council adoption in September 2022.

The full Structure Plan can be viewed here


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