Best Practice Stormwater Guidelines, DELWP

Development Practice Review

stormwater guidelines.jpg

Echelon Planning was engaged by DELWP to undertake a study of residential, commercial and industrial development and subdivision practices in Victoria.


The purpose of these studies was to inform the implementation of the Water for Victoria Plan, and help to ensure best practice stormwater management outcomes are achieved in all future urban development. More particularly Echelon was engaged to:


  • Review the current stormwater provisions set out in the Victoria Planning Provisions and how they apply to particular development scenarios in order to identify gaps in legislation;

  • Broadly quantify the amount of development that avoids any requirement to satisfy the Best Practice Environmental Management Guidelines (BPEM Guidelines);

  • Estimate typical change in imperviousness attributed to the construction of single dwellings and extensions to single dwellings (augmenting previous studies for multi-unit development);

  • Qualify development trends in terms of the sequencing of industrial/commercial development;

  • Provide advice to whether the VPPs and/or Building Regulations need to be amended to ensure that the BPEM Guidelines are satisfied for various types of development.