Small Lot Housing Code, VPA

Policy Review


Echelon in conjunction with DKO Architecture and Checkpoint Building Surveyors have been engaged by the VPA are undertaking a review and subsequent update of the Small Lot Housing Code (SLHC).


Plan Melbourne identifies that densities will need to rise to over 20 dwellings per hectare over time. The SLHC is key to achieving this aim, enabling the efficient delivery of small lot housing in Urban Growth Zones throughout the state.


The SLHC is explicitly geared towards facilitating a relatively standard suite of small lot products on well-established small lot typologies, however since the inception of the Code in 2011, small lot development typologies are changing.


The review is taking into consideration the above changes, as well as involving multiple stakeholders to review and update the code to ensure small lot housing can continue to efficiently deliver high quality, small lot housing.