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Sarah McQuillen - Co-Founder & Director

Sarah action shot.jpg

Sarah has 20 years' experience in urban planning, working with major developers and government agencies on projects across Victoria.


She has considerable technical knowledge and is naturally adept at managing multidisciplinary teams to prepare structure plans and planning scheme amendments. She also has expertise in preparing acquisitions advice, providing strategic direction to best position planning and development projects.

Sarah is an energetic, organised and switched-on person, with a passion for creating great developments and communities. She gets the big picture as well as the detail, and she understands how to work with people to translate that into decisions and results.

Having worked in both the private and public sector, she understands the commercial drivers of development, and how to align them with government policy.


Sarah is skilled at managing multi-disciplinary teams and large, complex projects. She knows how to keep people ‘on-task’ and maintain a clear focus on the issues and outcomes that need to be addressed.

Sarah takes personal pride in keeping ahead of issues, and ensuring that her clients achieve the benefits of this.

She is always forthright, and clients value her frank, honest, and direct advice.

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