Sarah Ancell - Principal Urban Planner

Sarah has fifteen years of experience on a broad range of planning projects in Victoria, Tasmania and New Zealand. She has equal expertise in strategic and development approval planning, giving her the ability to advise clients on any aspect of their projects.

Working for consultancy firms has given Sarah an excellent understanding of the financial considerations of her clients. During this time she has also worked closely with numerous state and local government clients, which has bestowed her with insight into the planning and approval processes within these organisations.

Sarah specialises in bringing strategic planning documents such as structure plans and regional-scale strategies to fruition, and in obtaining development approvals for growth area subdivisions and complex sites. She has worked on a range of residential, commercial, industrial, retail, transportation, airport, open space, justice, education, and telecommunications projects.

Her clients value her persistence in seeing projects through from beginning to end with a determined energy and focus. Sarah is passionate about improving how our cities function, and gains immense job satisfaction from working with her clients to facilitate transformative and lasting change to urban areas.     

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