Smiths Lane, 

Strategic Planning and Advocacy

Echelon is working with Mirvac on their 200 hectare property in the Clyde growth corridor within the City of Casey. Echelon has been engaged to provide strategic planning advice in relation to the precinct opportunities and constraints. Work has formally commenced on the PSP and Echelon is assisting Mirvac and a specialist consultant team to address a wide range of development matters, including drainage, open space, biodiversity, cultural heritage and servicing.

Echelon and Mirvac are currently working with the VPA, state agencies, Casey Council and landowners to ensure that the precinct plan provides a robust and innovative framework for the future development of Mirvac’s land holding as part of the Cardinia Creek South PSP.

Echelon has also been engaged to work with the consultant team and Council to prepare a development application for the first stage of subdivision concurrently with the preparation of the Precinct Structure Plan.