Small Vacant Green Wedge Lots Study, Nillumbik Shire Council

Strategic Planning Research


Echelon is leading a consultant team that includes Geografia, Abzeco, EWS Environmental and Redefining Agriculture to  develop a GIS model to inform the community and stakeholders about the likely suitability of small rural vacant lots in Nillumbik’s Green Wedges for the construction of dwellings.


The issue of when it is or isn’t appropriate to construct a dwelling on a small rural lot in the municipality has been a vexed one for many decades. The modelling covers policy considerations ranging from bushfire risk, mapped native vegetation, effluent disposal through to the agricultural suitability of each individual small lot.


As reiterated throughout the model and workshop process, while the project has been constructed to reflects existing policy, it is intended to inform stakeholders and the community as early as is possible about the suitability of a lot to accommodate a dwelling. It is not intended to be utilised as a decision making tool that replaces a planning application and the resultant Council assessment.