Moreland Residential Zones

Advisory Committee Submission

2314 170627 Moreland Residential Zone an

Echelon made submission to the 'Residential Zone' Advisory Committee on behalf of the City of Moreland in response to the Amendment VC110 gazetted on 27th March 2017, to evaluate the potential implications of the reformed residential zones on the  

achievement of the current housing policy framework set out in the Moreland Planning Scheme.

The report prepared by Echelon addresses the following matters:

  • Assessment of the development outcomes arising from the gazettal of new residential zones in April 2015 (Amendment C153).

  • Assessment of potential development issues arising from the gazettal of reformed residential zones in March 2017 (Amendment VC110).

  • Assess housing capacity implications of zoning scenarios (Amendment C153 (as adopted) vs C153 (Gazetted) and VC110).