City of Kingston-
Best Practice Urban Renewal 

Planning Advice 


Echelon Planning was appointed by the City of Kingston to undertake a review of ‘best practice’ approaches to urban renewal projects across Australia. 


The review incorporated the learnings from other recent ‘best practice’ reviews and it critiqued the approaches taken in precinct such as Arden-Macaulay, Docklands, Fishermans Bend, Caulfield Racecourse  and the Amcor Site in Victoria. It also explored case studies from Green Square and Newington (Sydney), Bowen Hills/RNA Showgrounds (Brisbane) and Subiaco (Perth). 


The review focused on themes such as infrastructure funding and delivery, project governance, environmental design, social housing.  The review identified ten best practices for urban renewal in Victoria, and a suggested ‘process map’ for undertaking renewal. 


Echelon also prepared a series of project briefs which has subsequently been taken up by Council and the Victorian Planning Authority in its planning of a key precinct the Monash National Employment and Innovation Cluster.