Julia Abbinga - Senior Urban Planner

number of areas within the planning and development field. Jyoti has a keen interest in urban design and she built a career in local government both in South Africa and Victoria specialising in land use management, spatial planning and growth areas planning. Jyoti has worked on projects within both greenfield and brownfield areas.

Jyoti’s role as a planner involved extensive negotiations, mediating and communicating transparently with public, developers, Government Authorities through the project process and finds that this is the key towards achieving positive results. 


Jyoti worked on many different projects in her career including:

  • Subdivision Planning Application in Melbourne's Growth Areas – including development contributions, Section 173 Agreements, managing obligations on planning permits.  

  • Rezoning and Land Use Change 

  • Multi-Unit Development, Commercial and Industrial Development 

  • Contraventions against the Land Use Policies.

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