Craiglee Winery,

Concept Plan and Planning Advice

The Craiglee Winery is an icon of the Australian winemaking industry. The property has been used as a farm since 1865, making it are amongst the oldest continuously operating farms in Australia. Nestled along the Jacksons Creek the property’s two homesteads and farm buildings have great heritage significance, and they tell part of the story of Victoria’s early European settlement.

Over time, Craiglee will be surrounded by urban development, and maintaining viable winemaking operations and the protecting the site’s cultural and natural heritage will be an ongoing challenge. Echelon Planning was engaged by the property owners to prepare a concept plan for the site which recognised the site’s significance, as well as its changing context. This work addressed matters such as cultural heritage, landscape values, waterways, biodiversity and of course options for the ongoing commercial and residential use of the property in the future. 


The concept plan identifies areas to be retained for cultural and natural heritage protection, as well as areas where flexibility exists for sympathetic redevelopment for tourism and/or commercial purposes.