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Amess Road Precinct Structure Plan, Riddells Creek

Strategic planning in a peri-urban location 

The Amess Road Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) aims to unlock the development potential of Urban Growth Zoned land in Riddells Creek, a commuter town to the north west of Melbourne. The plan prioritises housing diversity, green space and community amenity.

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House prices in Riddells Creek have been approaching a median of 1 million dollars while land suitable for development has remain constrained within the township.

As a result, younger community members, new residents and downsizers are at risk of being priced out of the Riddells Creek township. 

The preparation of the Amess Road PSP is based on a site targeted for development in state policy. Zoned Urban Growth Zone, the Amess Road PSP will strategically guide development on the site into the future. It aims to provide a diversity of housing affordability and types to accommodate for diverse community members.  

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Collaborating with urban designers, Urban Fold, the Echelon Planning team placed green spaces, housing diversity and community services at the forefront of the strategic process. 

There are over 30 hectares of green spaces, parks, conservation areas, tree reserves, creek reserves and shared paths within the plan. 

​Activity transit paths have been proposed throughout the PSP area as well as active transit links to the existing township to increase sustainable connectivity as Riddells Creek grows. 

​Green streets have been a key feature of the plan, with street cross sections allowing space for multiple transit types, mature trees and high surface permeability to reduce the plan's climate impact. 


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Amess Road, Riddells Creek


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